Some people are very sociable with others. They tend to create and make a way just to spend some of their time to their friends, classmates and others. Sociable people are said to have lot of friends than of to those people that stays only on their home. Other than that, this helps you to become much enjoy with your life since there is a saying that say’s to have […]

Where do you live in Singapore as an expat? Most expats often ask themselves this important question whenever they are looking for a place where they can call home. Before we start you can check infographic below if you still in doubt about relocation to lion city Here is a guide on the best places in Singapore where you can live as an expat: Orchard Road Orchard area is an […]

Most rich girls in Singapore are choosing to live in condos. Such people are renting units in condos despite the fact that they can afford to actually buy the condo. This is so because renting is a more fiscally responsible choice than buying and also because condo living in a community can be both fun and fulfilling. What makes condos different from other residential houses is that you own your […]

Unwinding whenever you want and living your life amidst luxury and glamour is unbeatable! It can only be achieved when you have a place here on earth to call your very own. I myself acknowledge that life is too short and has a lot to offer, so I make the most out of it by doing everything I love! The US is quite popular as today’s top destination with its […]

Social networking is fun. Right? Not anymore. At least not for me. Understandably, the invention and rise of social media is among the greatest milestones of our times. Previously, people had to communicate using crude means which made information unavailable and difficult to access. However, the tables have turned and now we have a digital world where elaborate, fast and efficient systems of interaction have been established. You can comfortably […]

Singapore ranks among the most exciting places in the globe to dine in with its array of local dishes. With its multi-ethnic culture and heritage, Singapore offers a number of colourful cuisines each having a unique taste and aroma. So if you are visiting Singapore or have recently moved in, we provide a list of foods that you have to try out. Compiling a whole list would take ages to […]

It’s no secret that Singapore loves to party. With a myriad of pubs, bars and clubs across town, you’ll never have to worry about looking for too long for a great place to let your hair loose. Raise the temperature of the party metre as you choose these awesome nightspots to party like a true rock star. KU DÉ TA Known as one of the most popular nightclubs in Singapore, […]

Becoming part of the community when living as an expat in Singapore is important. Isolating or only socializing with other expats will only lead to loneliness or, worse, will make you appear aloof to the people of your adopted country. Singapore culture may be vastly different from what you are used to. Singaporeans, in general, tend to be apprehensive about making the first move when meeting foreigners. As an expat […]

There are many ways to make friends in any social setting. Some of these methods cut across all cultures and races while others apply to given areas. In particular, there are some methods that are unique to expats who move to Singapore. Some of these methods include: Recommendation From Your Friends People in your circle of friends may recommend someone you can meet. These friends have probably lived or visited […]